Higgins was from a frozen semen litter of ten. He was born in Boston in the month of May. The summer was hot and humid and the breeders would find Higgins laying in the wading pool. To this day he loves splashing in our pond and sticks his head underwater.

Even as a young puppy he was a character. Here he is hiding from us when he saw the ear paraphernalia come out to do redo ears. He thought he was hiding from us in the flower pot and convinced we couldn't see him!

I flew back to Boston to pick up Higgins at 11 weeks. Without checking to see that someone was there to claim him, the airport staff slid him out of the cargo shoot before I could get off the plane. Not phased in the least, he got out of his crate happy, completely dry and tail wagging. He has never stopped being Mr. Personality.

Higgins changed our household much like his Auntie Em when she was a baby. He went to 2 different puppy classes during the week and loved every minute of it. He got his CGC at 10 months. He loves to be on the go.

Jim was going to be out of town when Higgins needed to be fed midday and I was back to school. That's when he started to go to Grandma Dottie's for Puppy Day Care. It turned out to be the best thing ever for him. He loves to go to her house and hang out with her Belgian Malinois dog, Xolla.

Higgins, like Auntie Emma is an escape artist and likes to go visit our neighbors. He slipped through our 4 rail fence by placing one leg through at a time and then simply ooze out the other side. It took us a while to figure out how he was escaping until one day Jim caught him.

To prevent him from being able to perform this contortion, I would put on a winter jacket and then an orange life jacket on him so that he became too fat to go through. He looked like the Michelin Man, but it worked!

Higgins can also open door latches, front gates and kennel latches. So, in our brand new house, every door knob had to be changed and child proof clasps put on everything else.

Higgins not only exhibits intelligence, good bone, dark eyes, full dentition and exquisite, effortless movement. ...he also has a great sense of humor and curiosity.

His coloring is such a rich shade that at one dog show an anthropologist came up to me and was so fascinated with his brindling that he gave me his address and asked if I would be willing to send him Higgins' pelt when he died! That was a question that I have never been asked before and hope to never be asked again! I didn't know whether to be flattered or horrified at the thought!

Higgins was completely owner handled until his last major, when Sonda Peterson stepped in and finished him with ease in three shows.

He can be seen in the specials ring on a limited basis. We will also be working on his Rally Novice title.

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