Emma was out of a frozen semen litter of 10 born in N. Attleboro, Ma. and came to live in sunny California with her father, Riley, 8, Uncle Tucker, 8, and Grandma Maude 10. She changed their lives immediately and rejuvenated the entire crowd.

She started her show career with a bang, her first points were her Majors at 14mo.; all owner/handled. She got her CGC at 10 mo. old and her TT later on.

She only needed a few points to finish when she lost her entire family one by one. She needed 1 point and I bred her. She needed a family.

I bred her to CH Meadowoods Nirvana V Tremain and had 6 gorgeous babies. She was in heaven to have a family again. She was a great Mom, she would sleep in our room and would only go into whelping box when asked.

She finished her Championship when her kids were 3 mo. old.(still a little saggy)We then moved to our new house out in the country with two of her kids, Violet and Baxter. She was in heaven. She loves to eat bunny poop, lay in the pond, hunt ground squirrels and moles and be outside.(rain or shine)

When Emma was about 5, we heard that sound you will never forget, a rattlesnake. The dogs ran up to investigate. We called them all back and put them in house when we realized that Emma had been bitten. She was rushed to emergency and was given 2 vials of antivenum and spent the night. You could still see the fang marks on her lips (top and bottom) long after the incident.

Emma's favorite things are: eating marshmallows, playing tug-o-war with Higgins, pizza crusts, walking the property, and lots of hugs.

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