Baxter was a keeper the minute he arrived. We had missed having a brindle boy in our household, after losing his Grandfather, Riley and Great Uncle, Tucker.

Since Emma was CH Allegro's Delta Breeze Rhapsody, we were going to go with a music theme for her litter. Jim is an fan of Stan Kenton and loved his Artistry period.

Baxter became Delta Breeze Artistry 'N Rhythm as all the other puppies took names of that period.

Baxter was a very special boy. He was physically stunning and had that outstanding Delta Breeze movement, but he was a victim to vaccinosis as a puppy. After dealing with those ramifications, he was incorrectly diagnosed with torsion and underwent unnecessary surgery that resulted in an undisclosed stomach puncture and he almost died of peritonitis. Yes, the clinic/vet was sued and we won, but poor Baxter paid the price. At 6.5 years old, we again put him in the ring and he was ready to win, then fate struck again and an odd lump on his hock turned out to be osteosarcoma.

He lost his final battle after almost 11 months. Baxter spent a great deal of his life fighting some bizarre medical fiasco and throughout it all, he kept his humor, his joy of life and his good nature. He always went willingly, with tail wagging and kisses, into each situation. Baxter manifested the heart and soul of what a great dane is.

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