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Welcome to Delta Breeze Great Danes. Our names are Jim and Barbara Moffett and we live in Northern California. In 1980 we moved to the city of Stockton, which is an ocean port 110 miles inland. We would always say, "Thank God for the Delta Breeze", when it cooled down our evenings. Hence Delta Breeze Danes. We hope that you enjoy looking at our Danes as much as we enjoy having them. We strive to produce Great Danes which are mentally and emotionally sound as well as structurally correct and physically healthy.

All of our Danes are environmentally socialized from the day that they are born. We believe that with proper health screening, consistently using dogs of sound mind and body and a little common sense, the Danes that we have and possibly the Danes that you get from us will be the epitome of what a Great Dane should be. Puppies are not always available as we do breed very discriminately. If you like what you see and wish to be placed on our waiting list for a puppy. Please fill out our puppy application form on the website or feel free to contact us regarding the terms and conditions of our puppy sales.

We have been involved with the Great Dane since 1978. We are members of the Great Dane Club of America and the Great Dane Club of Northern California. Barbara is currently a Board Member and the Education Chairperson for the Great Dane Club of Northern California.

Welcome to our home!

Barbara and Jim Moffett

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